After Whistler, on 31st August in four we left for what has been for me the “road trip”. In the previous days I didn’t think about it too much, my eyes were still dazzled by the Whistler Bike Park.
Nick was really convinced, on the other hand, checking every day on Google Earth the places where we would have been.

I realized what I should have expected just when Mark (from the Airdome) showed us some pics and told us that he was leaving too, dating us in Spences Bridge.
After getting injured like an idiot and getting on the A-Team van (I’m not kidding you!), we left for our trip.

Just 2 hours later we were already lost and managed to reach Spences Bridge on late night. Around us…nothing!

Spences Bridge is a small village in the British Columbia inland with 138 inhabitants. The only shop you find is a grocery, a coffee bar, a tool, hunting and fishing shop at the same time.
The only non-residents are motocrossers, freeriders or salmon fishers.
Anyway, this place is like Heaven for freeriding!

Just to give you an idea…think of New World DIsorder 10 “Dust and bonus”, the part where “The Claw” blows into the lake…that line was there, in front of me.
We spent the night in a park area beside the railway, where every train hooted while crossing the area.
You can’t figure out how I hated them.

Then I realized why they did it…in Canada they don’t know what a level crossing is!
We woke up the day after, washed in the big river across the valley and pointed to the spot we had found the night before. Mark was already in place with some friends for filming the big line. They were in tour, sponsored by a beer brand that gave them 600 cans! Besides giving us some beer cases, they also left us 4 cans at the end of the line, near the lake.

If we had got over the D_Line (Darren’s line) alive, we could have had one.
While I was taking time trying to track a line, I saw Andy climbing on foot and Tony following him, while Nick was ready to film.

Andy left like a rocket, but in the end he couldn’t keep the line, drawing into the rockiest part of the lake. Then came Tony with his perfect drop-in!After their dirt job they really deserved a beer, while I got ready, still unaware of how my arm would have reacted.

The first part was really steep and despite the brakes on fire I reached the speed of light inside a very hard bed-canal between two huge rocks. Immediately after, the soil got softer and allowed to slow down. Out from that point I felt safe, but my arm was gone and I couldn’t do anything but forgetting my brakes and blow up into the lake at the maximum speed.

When I realized I was still breathing I totally went crazy and I began screaming…I could have my beer, at last!! Siping it happily and satisfied, with my arm totally out of order, I waited for Nick’s turn to come. I saw him starting, getting closer to the two rocks with no control of his bike, and before getting out of the canal….SBAAAM! It was the scariest and most spectacular crash I’ve ever seen in my life!…luckily without any serious consequence, only a quite dusty beer.

Some rest and just one mission remained: try my line! Nothing compared to what we had made, but funny anyway.
The day after we were still in Spences Bridge, with its beautiful soft soiled steepy lines where the bike could flow like water.

After some riding and being chased away once more, we left to Kamloops, but this is another story…