Eugenio Barcelloni is a 24 years old italian surfer with a passion for the ocean. He love searching for pure waves around the globe and, at the same time, exploring new cultures and friendships. Surfing has profoundly changed his life since he was thirteen. He began to know the waves on the beaches of Focene (Rome) before moving away, during winter, in the cold Adriatic sea.

During his long travels, he visited the Basque Coast, Hawaii, California, Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Perù and Tahiti, dedicating himself to surfing and creating relationships with the different cultures.

During 2011 Eugenio produced a video shot in Chile, Perù and Tahiti. It’s not only a surf video with action shots, but also a travelogue showing the country outside of the popular surf zones. It’s important to see how people live in the areas you happen to pass through while searching for different surfing spots.

Other than surfing you focus on getting acquainted with the culture and the landscapes that greet you. This is really the aim of Walking The Waves. In the addition to the cultural footage, he edited various tube sections with expert riders like Ramon Navarro or Diego Medina.

Directed: Eugenio Barcelloni.
Filmed: Eugenio Barcelloni, Gustavo Camarao, Hugo “Boss” Tauru, Tim Bonython, Benjamin Serrano, Fabian Farias, Camilla Gildemeister, Marc Antoine Bouvant, Timmy Hamilton, Dean Fergus.
Surfers: Ramon Navarro, Diego Medina, Leon Vicuna, Cristian Merello, Eugenio Barcelloni, Leo Acevedo, Ryan Cabezas, Everaldo “Pato” Teixeira, Benjamin Serrano, Edwin del Rio, Willian Cardoso, Fabian Farias, Michel and Kevin Bourez, Nic Von Rupp, Steve Pierson, Adam “Biff” D’Esposito, Harié-Tuhiti Teraiamano Haumani, Dane Gudauskas, Aldemir Calunga, Teva Dexter, Ryan Gallina, Jerome Sahyoun.
Bodyboarders: Jeremy Alderson, Raitua Teamo.