What is the Pill? It’s a fresh project from Jpg Edizioni, the same guys that that made possible a free press Magazine like Sequence.

The 9000 copies of the first issue are ready to be shipped, freepress as usual, and as this news will come out they will be already on the desks of snowboard magazine, schools, shops and all the snowboard biz people..

But which is the reason that brought us to put out another free magazine? Going beyond what everybody see, telling you all the struggle and concern behind a snowboard video, a shooting, a contest and celebrating all the people that are currently helping the growth of snowboarding in Italy.

For this first issue we got something special for you: an exclusive interview with Luigi Belluzzi, the main head behind skipass freestyle fair; he will tell us the birth and the growth of what it can be considered the most iconic snowboard event in Italy, not on the mountain.

We travelled to Munich to visit the Head snowboards headquarter, where we met Xavier Mora, the manager of the freestyle division of the German brand.

Back to Italy we stopped at Obereggen, where we met Thomas Ondertoller, marketing manager of the famous Alp resort. Then we talked to one of the most succesful snowboard business man in Italy Gian Paolo Casana, co-founder of California Sport (Italian dealer for Protest e DC).

After the big dog, the smaller one Alex Grieco, head honcho of Wave Distribution (Italian dealer for Jones Snowboards). Back to Modena where skipass took place in early november, we talked to Federico Faldella, Nike Action Sports Manager, that will explain us how the famous swoosh brand will move in Italy for this seaso.

And finally another amazing interview with HotZone.tv guys, probably on of the most famous European on line shops that explain us why the on line sales are literally exploding right now.

The magazine will be soon avaible downloadable for Ipad, Iphone or pc.
So what are you waitin for? C’mon go get your Pill!