Tell me about the story of the band!
Yo! Very glad to be on your mag, the story runs pretty classic as a schoolmates band so we started playing music as faster as we could and have fun blinking eyes to chicks… And also our music comes out from a punk-rock skate and surfing mood.

What did you do in the last six months?
Actually we ve been working for this release, six months in our island Sardinia and going mixing in a well known studio in Ferrara… And keep on rocking some gigs!

What have you got in your wallet now?
A new album to bring on tour in Italy and shooting other videos as it is the best thing to claim people’s attention.


Why have you chosen this name for your band?
We were and still we are fans of Mob Movies… And “Il Padrino” you know, is the Godfather of gangsters movies!

How important is the look/appearance for your band?
Not important at all… We just keep rolling with same look as we use to… Some brand new t-shirt and shoes make the rest…

Tell us about the new LP “Demoni”. Are you fully satisfied with it?
Yes we are because we were seven years without releasing new stuff!

Which is the highest point of the LP?
Every track as a story and as there are only ten tracks it’s not a concept album, but “Demons” are still permeating every tunes, not in the Iron Maiden way but as a personal war against them…
…And the low point?
We could do better recordings so far, but we weren’t suppose to take the thing so seriously at first…


How would you define your sound?
Punk-rock with classic rock roots and some metal.

Punk-Rock. Describe for me this word! And what do you think, is a good compromise to describe your style?
It’s because punk-rock for us means to feel free to play what is in our skills not necessary super technical, but drumming keep it flowing good even with no so complicated riffs… Old school vibes!

Which bands have influenced your style?
Alkaline Trio adding some metal… But actually many bands are melted in our style… Too long to mention.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Playing in every place we can live, and try to record new stuff soon!

Tell me some of the bands you admire.
Every true bands, not important the style, from rap to death metal you can feel the truth in the music. Some of old bands maybe… Some names? NoFx, Descendents, Alkaline Trio, why not. Seventies punk and rock’n’roll bands!

What song is in your head right now?
Damn, “Peppa Pig’s” soundtrack!

And of your local music scene?
Pretty cool! Many bands specially the ones we sing in english are achieving good results worldwide.

What is the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with Padrini?
Many, many situations. But we are not worry about that, like the time one of us fell down after drinking from a bottle of whiskey offered from an attender at a show… But the most happened after shows. But cannot tell you, just for adult!

Have you got a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
Yes we are into action sport, so every one likes extreme sport or extreme lifestyle would like our music. Thanx Guys!