Tell me about the story of the band!
Falling Dice was born in July 2013, with the union of the drummer of Breathstealers (Alberto Delfini), the bass player of Deathfalls (Thomas Premoli), the guitarist of Pulvis Et Umbra (Mirko Costa) and the singer of The Erased (Roberto Genoni). The idea is to create an unpredictable and
raw style, ranging and taking inspiration from various kinds of metal including: metalcore,
groove metal, death metal, math-core and crossover. In January 2014 was recorded the first single entitled “One Hate Zero People” by Andrea Sargenti. After a couple of line-up changes that allowed the band to experiment with different, innovative material and sounds, we have
recorded our first full-length at the Excess Studio in Turin. On November 23th the first videoclip called “The Dominant Gene” has been released.

What did you do in the last six months?
Six months ago our guitarist left the band, and we were about to sign with our actual label.
With Internet we found Mirko who soon enter the band. Then we recorded “Restless” and made our first videoclip. We did some promotional lives on occasion of the release of the album.
Pretty intense period.

What have you got in your wallet now?
We’d like to do many live, maybe also in foreign countries. We’d like to promote our product more that we can, meet new band and make a lot of new experience. We are involved in composing new songs, and flash news: “The Dominant Gene” videoclip have so much audience that our producer want to make another one with another song with Lucerna Film.

Why have you chosen this name for your band?
We chose this name because we wanted to create unpredictable songs without a set scheme.
This is exactly what happen when you roll the dice, you never know which the result would be.
This is our spirit, while we compose we never know what the song will became.


How important is the look/appearance for your band?
It used to be irrelevant, but since we are under label we’ve been forced to dress with care.
We have learnt that look/appearance is important, and we can say our impact on the stage has changed. Because of our job, we can’t cover our body with tattoo (I would honestly like to) or have strange hair, so we have reached a compromise.

Tell us about the new LP “Restless”. Are you fully satisfied with it?
Yes, absolutely. I think “Restless” shows our musical growth, since we’ve started to compose until now, from punk-hardcore to crossover/metalcore influence and a better study of the composition, and this is what we like the most. Moreover, we love the sound we have reached, it mirrors our consistence and power, two things our fans like very much.“Restless” is what we are, no exaggeration or fiction.

Which is the highest point of the LP?
The consistence and variability of the sound. Our songs are very differents, it is important to have a sound that changes with them, powerful during breakdown and mellow in melodic parts, and above all massiveness.

…And the low point?
The low point is that most of these songs “are born” one year ago, of course they helped us to grow, but they dosn’t represent us anymore. New songs actually in working are perfect to describe this, but don’t sound like the first ones.

How would you define your sound?
Trenchant, realistic and rawboned.

Metalcore. Describe for me this word! And what do you think, is a good compromise to describe your style?
Metalcore equal Breakdown. Breackdown is the best thing invented by metalcore, it’s the mark of this genre. It must to be between the styles of our songs. We choose to use it but not abuse it, we don’t really like bands who use too many breakdown. This is the reason why we define us metalcore.

Which bands have influenced your style?
To each his own. Maybe the bands we want to pattern are: Mudvayne, Destrage and Protest The Hero, because they are all sortable like metal even if they have created their own genre.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
When you are on the stage and you see people singing your songs and having fun. Or maybe the time the singer of Destrage wrote me on Facebook to congratulate for our videoclip and the song “The Dominant Gene”.

Tell me some of the bands you admire.
I’m listening some new release to make me an idea of the new direction of the soundscape, but my favourite bands are: The Human Abstract, Monument, Attila, Parkway Drive and In Flames. Choby likes Primus and Sikth. Delfo Rise Against and Pennywise. Instead Mirko listen Djent, doesn’t metter what.

What song is in your head right now?
A part of the new song we are working on. When we compose we work on the same riff until we are nauseated. Sometimes we dream it at night!

And of your local music scene?
I think Destrage, they are practically our neighbors. They are extraordinary.

What is the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with Falling Dice?
When someone ask us about a signature, we absolutely don’t feel up, but in general every embarrassing situation becomes funny, we are pretty close, not only as a bands but also as friends.

Have you got a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
Both we and our producer are satisfied with the LP so we think is important to promote on the right channel. We don’t give up and take advantage to all the occasion. We hope to have something to say for a long time.