In this week’s episode, we find Drew putting in time at his secret laboratory, Joyride 150 in Toronto. With the mercy of a foam pit, Drew sucks his way to perfection as he continues to expand his growing repertoire of slopestyle tricks in what seems like record time as he prepares for his competitive debut at the Swatch Rocket Air.


“Using the foam pit is key because of how fast I have to learn this stuff. If I was going to do it the old fashioned way on a regular jump, we probably wouldn’t be filming right now!” – Drew Bezanson

But sometimes no amount of practice can fully prepare you for the real thing as Drew finds himself suddenly sidelined during training at his first contest.

The Learning Curve is a six-part series released every Monday that captures the high-fives, tumbling lows and humbling experience of Drew Bezanson’s first season on the FMB World Tour of slopestyle mountain biking as he attempts to earn a spot at Red Bull Joyride on Sunday, August 21st.

Tune into Red Bull Joyride live on Red Bull TV on August 21st to see the conclusion of Drew Bezanson’s journey.

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