It’s an incredible experience receiving floods of truly hair-raising images from every corner of the globe. The response from the global community of action and adventure sports photographers has been tremendous and Red Bull Illume are proud to share a few of the official numbers with you…


Red Bull Illume received a total of 28.257 images, that’s almost 25% more than in the 2010 contest.

They received submissions from 6.417 different photographers, an increase of almost 50% from the last competition.

Photographers come from 124 countries – the top three are USA, Brazil and United Kingdom.

The most popular category was Playground which received a total of 4.608 images, followed by Energy with 3.699 images.

Approximately a third of the total submissions were submitted in the final 36 hours.

Amount of thanks from the Red Bull Illume team to all the photographers who took the time to submit: countless!

So what is next? The award ceremony takes place end of August in Hong Kong, but right now our judges are faced with the Herculean task of narrowing down the images to the finalists. All we can say is good luck!