This weekend the Supermountain comes to an unmissable climax! The third and final date in Italy’s new marathon DH race series will be in Scopello in Valsesia. Better-known for downhill racing, this will be the first time the resort has held this kind of race.

Here the video of Round 2 race – Pila

The series champion will be crowned in Scopello and the title fight is wide open. Manuel Ducci (Life Cycle) took the win in the last round at Pila and holds the overall lead going into this final round. Winner of round one at Limone Piemonte, Davide Sottocornola (Cicobikes Endura), is right on Ducci’s heals and his Life Cycle teammate, Joseph Murachelli, is not far behind in third.

Challenging our regular racers for the win this weekend will be Italy’s top cross-country racer, Marco Fontana. After a successful 2012 season he now has time to relax and come and play with the gravity racers, and what better place than here at Scopello? Last time at Pila, the Swiss proved just how fast they arem taking up a large part of the top ten and we are expecting a few of their German neighbours to come and get involved too.

Scopello should provide a very different challenge to the Supermountain riders compared to anywhere else the series has been so far. There are few pedalling sections and it is arguably the most technical track they have faced so far. The trail crews have been hard at work repairing the trails so they are fresh for the race.
If you want to try the course before the race, the ski lifts will be running Friday 28 and the course clearly marked.

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