Joining the ranks of the growing team, HRED + SLYTECH are pleased to announce that Pat Burgener will be rocking SHRED helmets and SLYTECH protection.

SHRED // Slytech partner with athletes that embody the brands’ drive to push previously defined boundaries. Pat is the perfect representation of those ideals, and has demonstrated his desire for progression by being the first to ever land a switch backside triple cork 1440.


“I chose SHRED // SLYTECH because I really like what they’re doing with their products,” said Burgener.
“I feel safe riding with their back protector more than I would wearing any other brand; better yet, I’ve never worn one that’s more comfortable. I’m pumped to be joining SHRED//SLYTECH and such a talented team of riders!”


“We’re just as excited that Pat has chosen to be part of our team,” said SHRED//Slytech
Co-founder, Ted Ligety. “It’s awesome to watch our athletes succeed at their sports. It’s
great to be a part of their journeys and milestone accomplishments.”
Burgener is joining a top-tier lineup of snowboarders including: Gigi Ruf, DCP, Romain De Marchi, Wolle Nyvelt, Benji Ritchie, JP Solberg, Flo Heim, Alvaro Vogel, Marco Feichtner, and Mat Schaer.


Anomaly Action Sports designs, markets and distributes Shred Optics and Slytech Protection. Through these two brands, Anomaly Action Sports is able to bring the action sports industry a new wave of creativity and skills, leading to a multitude of industry-breakthroughs in engineering and product design. With focus on athletes, experience and forward thinking, it provides an unconventional approach to product development and business strategy as well as unparalleled dedication to safety and advanced technology. Through SHRED and SLYTECH, Anomaly Action Sports are able to showcase products and leadership in performance, quality and style. Both SHRED and SLYTECH are sold and distributed in approximately 40 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit,, or join us at,, or on twitter and instagram @shredoptics and @slytechprotect.