The Red Bull Illume Sequence category is home to some of the most thought-provoking images ever submitted to the contest. The technique involves shooting a series of images, so the subject is captured in successive motion, and merging them together in post-production to create a single sequence shot.


Zak Noyle’s shot of a surfer doing a 360 won him the Sequence category prize in 2013. What made his image stand out was both the composition and attention to detail he paid in post-production. Like Enhance, the Sequence category will be closely scrutinized, because it’s easy to chop something off when stitching the image together during the editing phase.


As one resident Red Bull Illume Judge puts it: “The sequence has to make the framing of the image perfect. Not only must the sequence be perfect, but the photographer has to make use of the space. We’re looking for a beautifully clean image, with nice composition, good sequence stitching and a clear idea of what sport is being captured.”


Check out the gallery below for some truly amazing examples of former Red Bull Illume Sequence category submissions. You can also check out the Red Bull Illume Instagram account for more photographic eye candy or find out more about the categories here.


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Download the Ultimate Guide to Red Bull Illume here and mark March 31, 2016 on your calendars! That’s when submissions close.

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