Quintin would like to present the third episode of the series “My Name Is”. The “My Name Is” series is a mini documentary series that features Quintin friends, family, and extended family.

Each episode features a new individual covering what they do, why they do it and any advice for future generations. Without further ado we present “My Name Is” featuring influential graffiti artist SLICK.

SLICK is no stranger to the game; for graffiti it was “Third Rail”, for skaters he did “Fuct Clothing”, he brought you the Asian flavor with a street twist with “Shaolin Worldwide”, and he has come full circle back to his graff roots with “DISSIZIT!”, SLICK’s work has been featured in countless documentaries, magazines, music videos, feature films and even an album cover or two, most notably “The Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde”.

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