It always seems impossible until it´s done. After a very intense year of production Pirate Movie Production are happy to present their smoking hot UHD (4K) teaser „PERCEPTIONS“ co-produced by Red Bull Media House.

Pirate Movie Production want to invite you to join the journeys of riders such as Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Kalle Ohlson, Sami Luhtanen, Manuel Diaz, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Fredrik Evensen, Maxim Balakhovskiy and Elias Elhardt around the globe, always on the hunt for the best snow, the biggest jumps, the gnarliest lines and the most unique features.

The new Film „PERCEPTIONS“ will take you to the most unbelievable snowboarding locations all around the globe including Russia, Canada, Japan, India, Greenland, Alsaka and the European Alps.

After the great success of „DISTORTED REALITY“ the goal was to maintain high production values but change the concept of the usual snow porn flick to a more pleasing and unforgettable snowboard viewing experience either in 4k on the big screen in cinemas or on your laptop screen.

Available on iTunes October 14th 2014
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