All but perfect conditions create all time riding conditions as 16-Year Old Ty Walker (USA) confirms her status as the Über rookie taking out the 22nd Edition of the NESCAFÉ CHAMPS building Slopestyle points for the 2013-14 season.

Clean sweep of Woman’s Podium as American’s stamp their Authority
For the first time in it’s illustrious 22-Year history of the NESCAFÉ CHAMPS it was an American clean sweep of podium places in today’s Woman’s finals.

Contribution points towards the 2013/14 Slopestyle and Overall titles, it was the 16-Year old Ty Walker who out powered compatriots Jordie Karlinski and yesterday’s Semi Final winner, Phoebe Novello to etch her name into the historical thread of Europe’s Oldest competition.

Walker, who lead from the front, stomped a Frontside 50 50 to Backside 180 out to Half cab Mute air off the hip into Backside 540 Mute to Frontside 540 combo in the pipe to Backside 720 to tailslide to finish up.

Touted as the future of Woman’s snowboarding, Ty Walker (USA) left nothing to the imagination as she powered to a well deserved victory.

Big Air

Finland’s Janne Korpi holds off strong American Challenge
As if to order, bright sunshine greeted the men’s finals and the massive crowd who had congregated for the Men’s Finals at the “Place to Ride”.

Switzerland’s rising stars, Pat Burgener and Max Buri looked in the running to place on the podium, however, the riding proved too hot as the finals moved towards their conclusion.

With the American’s pressuring all the way to the line, it was the 2006 NESCAFÉ CHAMPS Champion, Janne Korpi (FIN) who slammed a Halfcab to 360 out, huge Backside 540 Mute to Frontside 1080 Tailgrab to Switch Backside 1080 of the
kicker into a Cab to Frontside Boardslide to finish.

Sailing the heroics of Janne Korpi, it would have been a clean sweep of the podium both Men and Women for Team America.

As a sign of respect for a fallen comrade, the Danny Lötschner memorial trophy went to Boris Mouton who places fourth demonstrating and respecting a long legacy of young talent who have been crowed this award.

Half Pipe

The NESCAFÉ CHAMPS “Place to Be”, simply better than the rest
With 5 Star World Snowboard Tour points for the 20013/2014 season in the bag, leaving Ty Walker (USA) and Janne Korpi (FIN) powering to the front of next season’s rankings, the celebrations leave the mountain and the ‘Place to Ride’, and head to the Village and head to the “Place to Be”. The snowboard celebrations meet live Art performance form Billy the Artist and live performances from Chinese Man, DJ Idem and JP.

With the Rookie Jam in the program for tomorrow, we sign off from possibly the best NESCAFÉ CHAMPS in it’s 22 year history. Long live snowboarding, long live the CHAMPS.

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Finals Results – Saturday, March 9th 2013

Janne Korpi (FIN)

Spencer Link (USA)
Scott Moline (USA)
Boris Mouton (FRA)
Patrick Burgener (SUI)
Clemens Schattschneider (AUT)
Martin Kalliola (FIN)
Codey Ellison (USA)
Erich Beauchemin (USA)
Max Buri (SUI)
Mathias Weissenbacher (AUT)
Jeremy Thomspon (USA)

Ty Walker (USA)
Jordie Karlinski (USA)
Phoebe Novello (USA)
Silvia Mittermüller (GER)
Atti Holst (SWE)
Haille Soderholm (USA)