Matt Jamieson is a quite well known rider from Sheffield, UK, who is seriously pushing street riding on 26″ wheels on the next level. Matt skills has been sharpen through riding and learning from his 20″ mates, and now is riding is a well balanced mix of teck and amplitude that only a big wheel can give: everything done with a full rigid bike. But that’s not all: Matt is an engineer, a old school bike collector and also a webstore owner.

Hi Matt, what are you doin’ right now?
I’m at home going through ebay looking at retro bike parts.

You caught my interest because in your clips found on the tube you were always riding full rigid bikes (with style). Do you really ride only no sussed bikes?
No, I haven’t always ridden rigid bikes. To begin with I rode front suspension but I was forever braking them so after a while (and being out of pocket) I changed torigids and never looked back.

Another thing that captured my eyes were your fakie landings after clearing stairs and gaps; your street riding is really off the hook.
Yeah well, my riding style is basically influenced all by bmxers as there hasn’t been any mtb riders around until recently so I just rode all the spots they did and learned tricks that they were learning.

But a question: why you ride a rigid 26″ bike like a 20″ instead of riding a proper bmx? Wouldn’t be easier to ride street with a smaller frame? (it’s the same thing somebody asked me about riding a bike like yours, and I admit I have no answer: I simply don’t like bmx).
Yeah, I’d get it off my mates all the time, the usual“get a bmx” but I stuck to my guns and have for the most part always been on a 26. I just find bmx’s too small and twichty for my liking.

Which is the story behind that awesome old GT rig you posted on facebook?
Haha yes ive recently developed an interest in retro bikes. Currently I use the gt as a means of getting to work but im really getting into them at the moment.

Why you paint your bike so often?
I get bored of the colour or it looks tatty so I paint it.

Another new Matt Jamieson project is your new web store: steeze bikes. How came out the idea to open a web store? Which are your future plans with that?
Steeze bikes is going to be an online shop for the big wheeled street, dirt or park riders of the world. A place they can go to build a bike from the ground up get parts or watch some videos. I’m going to stock any parts Iwould run , a collection of mtb and bmx parts. It’s all currently in the work in progress but I’ll be ready to launch in about a month or two.

How began your bike history? And how happened to choose to ride a full rigid 26″?
When I first started riding, I rode a typical xc bike and then I got into dirt, so I ditched that and got a bmx which was a hoffman debo, but I never really felt stable or happy on it. After a year, I ditched the bmx and got a gt chucker. I ran that with suspension then went for a dmr trailstar which I rode with suspension and rigid. Then I got picked up by a company called geekhouse, then moved to NPJ and now I’m on black market. I’vealways ran the similar set ups single speed rigid and either one brake or no brakes. The simpler the bike the less there is to brake is my theory haha.

Who support you right now? You came out with NPJ then switched to blackmarket and then? I saw DMR and atmolab logos on your latest videos..
I rode for npj for a while but parted ways with them when they stopped trading. I moved onto black market, which has always been a personal dream company to ride for so I’m happy. Carter got me intouch with atomlab and they help me out with wheels. Dmr hook me up with tires via the website Thanks to them all!

Never thought to start building frames and bike parts like Yowelli? (Anson Welligton a well known NY street rider).
Well, this is an idea that I would very much like to do in the future as I’m a qualified mechanical engineer and have made a few parts in the past.

What do you think about the fixie craze? The difference between them and the 26″ rigid bikes are gettin thinner don’t you think?
I’m unsure about it as it’s not to my taste because I like to be able to stop peddling sometimes, but I do respect the fact that those bikes are massive and really hard to move around. You could say its growing on me.

Ok Matt, thank so much for your time. Any last word?
Thanks to everyone that have and do support me and go on my website !