London welcomed the Red Bull Mini Drome to York Hall on Saturday 15 January where over a thousand spectators gathered to get a taster of the World’s smallest velodrome in action. Fixed gear riders from across the UK competed in a test of mental stamina, technical precision and raw strength to be a contender for the Red Bull Mini Drome title.

Speeds of over 20 MPH were reached as the 105 riders competed in single timed races on the track distancing only 25m. The 32 fastest qualifiers were then automatically entered into the pursuit style knock out round. The champion’s title was well and truly earned by Chris Akrigg from Yorkshire, who broke the world track record over 10 laps with a time of 0:35,473 seconds.

Chris said, “It was so much harder to ride than it actually looked and I didn’t think I was going to win. The key was to really hit it hard from the start and everything else just happened. What an awesome event!”

The Red Bull Mini Drome is engineered by Velotrack, the team who built the velodromes for the Atlanta Olympics and the Delhi Commonwealth Games. The track measures 7 m wide by 14 m long with a track of 1.8 m wide.

Red Bull Mini Drome will tour the UK in 2011. For more info visit