LOCA is a new vision made ​​up of people, emotions and ideas.
LOCA is an innovative concept created to give life to the surfer soul.
LOCA is the personal branding of Lorenzo Castagna.

Lorenzo Castagna, born in 1980, was born in Carrara, for some years resident in Sardinia, where he founded a school of surfing.
Surfer for more than 10 years is considered among the best in the national and participated with the Italian national team in several international competitions.
Lorenzo is sponsored by RT Surfboards, Spy, Surfcamp.it, Stefano Atzori and Protest which is also the team leader.


LOCA idea is to represent the unique personality of Lorenzo Castagna, in and out of the water.
LOCA is the first project of global communication built around the figure of a surfer in Italy.
LOCA is an imaginary that invokes deep emotions related to the relationship with the sea, a vision of the brand that is unique athlete.



A world of images, words, shapes and sounds.
More on: www.lorenzocastagna.com