If the name itself suggests a continental ouverture, you can be sure that European Freeride Festival will have a completely international appeal thanks to the competitive presence of Livigno Freeride World Qualifier 4*.

Four stars is the maximum category for the Freeride World Qualifier series, assigned just to 9 super-selected events worldwide. This is to guarantee its athletes several highest-level standards in terms of race organisation, path difficulty, final prizes and points valuable for the final ranking, which gives access to the most important powder competition: Freeride World Tour.


Only 80 riders will be allowed to enter the Livigno Freeride World Qualifier, divided in 4 categories: Ski, Snowboard, Women, Men. To participate, riders will have to apply and wait to be selected by the Freeride World Tour, basing on the position they earned in the Freeride World Qualifier ranking.

The contest will take place during just one day, from the 2nd to the 4th of February, depending on weather conditions, over the Corna di Capra North-East side. All the riders will face a 781 mt altitude gap, starting from the 3,001 mt height top, over extreme slopes characterised by a max angle of 45°, with the aim to win the final total prize money of € 10,000.


The degree of spectacularity featuring this breathtaking race is perceivable already and European Freeride Festival has reserved its participants the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience: by purchasing the Freeride Pass it is possible to watch the contest directly from the event parterre thanks to the Heli-taxi service!

For more information about the competition, please visit www.livignofreerideworldtour.eu.

European Freeride Festival is the powder event open to everyone with the claim ‘Freeriding for All‘.
Ski, snowboard, telemark, splitboard and ski/snow-alp. Not only professional freeriders but also enthusiasts will live the perfect experience during this groundbreaking event.

European Freeride Festival Contacts: www.europeanfreeridefestival.com