It’s not every day you hear of a party that starts at the same time (on the clock at least) on the same day in 6 different cities around the world.


At 6.00pm on June 6, Melbourne design brand, Knog, hosted parties in Melbourne, Manilla, Munich, Paris, London, and San Francisco to celebrate the winners of its global NO ORDINARY NIGHT film competition. This festival being the culmination and celebration of the No Ordinary Night online film competition where fans were set the task of creating a 2-minute creative & action packed video of their ‘No Ordinary Night’.


Melbourne kicked things off in style at The Baron Said in Fitzroy, with an Alley Cat race and a penny farthing builder to entertain Knog’s cycling fans, which was followed by similar events in the Philippines, Germany, France, UK and the US. These events concluded with the awards ceremony for – the best 2 minute videos entered to from around the globe and the awarding of over $15,000 worth of prizes. With over 70 film entries from 20 different countries the quality and quantity of submissions were huge.

No Ordinary Night Winner

No Ordinary Night – 2nd Place

No Ordinary Night – 3rd Place

Qudos To You Award

Wtf Award

Viral Video Award

No Ordinary Night more pics here:


For all the films visit NOORDINARYNIGHT.COM