Following hot on the heels of the successful ‘No Ordinary Night’ campaign for the Blinder Road light is ‘Lock In Freedom’, representing the latest and longest lock of the Knog lock range – The Party Coil.

Rocking a sweet, super-smooth 1.3m long silicone coiled body that loves to curl around bike frames, this deceivingly tough little lock not only stands out in a crowd, but will run rings around any gate-crashing frat boy who throws as much as a sideway glance at your pride and joy.

Check out the ‘Lock in Freedom’ video:

” Summer was made for cruising the streets on our beloved steeds and dancing up a storm until dawn. When you wake up in the morning with a kebab in your bed, at least you know your ride will still be there – next to your dignity – right where you left them.”

For more info on the new Party Coil click here