The intended use of ION’s new top-of-the-line knee protectors K_CAP & K_CAP_SELECT is Downhill riding at max speed – and with maximum protection. To ensure both ION brings together two key features: Feature one helps you to gain unrivalled acceleration when pedalling. Feature two wards off something worse when you exaggerate…


The K_CAP_SELECT is the premium version of the Eurobike Award winning K_PACT_SELECT, adding a removable semi-hard knee cap for improved crash and sliding characteristics. This cap is made of polyurethane and can be replaced by releasing the Velcro underneath. Just in case the protector has to face more runs with crashes than runs without…

However, the knee-shin combo offers best protection but at the same time enables you to pedal uphill as good as without: The patent pending ION Tectonic_Fit consists of overlapping and sliding protection panels to keep the pad always close to your knee but guarantee a maximum freedom of movement at the same time.


K_CAP_SELECT’s fraternal twin called K_CAP is a knee-only protector without the shin padding. It features an open sleeve construction for easy access and no need to put off the shoes anymore. Similar to the K_CAP_SELECT the unique construc- tion with Tectonic_Fit offer best protection but at the same time enables you to pedal uphill as good as without.

The main SAS-TEC performance padding inside K_CAP & K_CAP_SELECT is famous for its cushioning characteristics and scores with some great material features: the SAS-TEC padding is multi-impact resistant, adapts to the body’s contours, quic- kly expands back to the original shape and it is tolerant against heat. The asymmetrical side paddings protects from impacts and top tube contacts. Perforated Air_prene neoprene provides additional breathability and the ION Anti_Smell Sanitized® feature guarantees long lasting freshness.