Red Bull Flow is a new kind of video platform built specifically for people who love to ride and film Skate & BMX clips. Using the Red Bull Flow app, add tags, and instantly view them as collaborative edits – Flows – on the Flow site or in the app.

The thinking behind the app first and foremost is a reaction to the endless videos on YouTube and videos uploaded to Facebook from skaters & riders uploading one trick or line to share with friends, rather than edits.

They get lost almost instantly down their timelines on Facebook and are swallowed by the sea of similar edits on YouTube, picking up very very few views. As a result, we wanted to create a platform to share and view these one trick or line clips online and through the app.

Users can find their own clips, or clips they’ve filmed, or that of fellow skaters & riders with ease and see all that footage instantly either on the site or through the app while out skating.

You can see how Flow works and read more about it here

As well as being a useful tool for filming, it’s also a fantastic hub of great skateboard content, with skate bangers from Super Toxic Urethane, Korahn Gayle and loads of clips from Luke Ogen on the site already as well as BMX heat from Kris Kyle, Ben Lewis and Mike ‘Jersey’ Taylor.



Red Bull are also running this ‘World of Red Bull‘ competition, where skaters can win the chance to win a days skating with Korahn Gayle well as a similar contest for BMX riders with Red bull athlete Kriss Kyle where they could win a private session at Unit 23 in Glasgow with Kriss:

Hopeful winners enter by submitting tricks via Flow. Pretty cool!

Download the app
The app is currently UK only, but anyone around the world can view the content on the site.