Horsefield is not just another project, not like many others.
“This is different. Why? Because it’s ours, we own it.”

It’s a new serial documentary about longboarding, produced by an Italian Crew from Osimo.

It all started with the usual group of friends, the usual time killing brain-dead activities, same boring place same faces, doing the same old things, skating for hours and hours, up and down, left to right, right to left..

Same old crappy stories, told over and over again, still pretending to laugh about it, same jokes, not really funny, but had to seem such, otherwise, what else was there to do? Then suddenly, out of the blue, under the brain frying sun, finally, the epiphany!! We really got it this time. Why not shooting a Video?? We got the gear, we had the skills (at least we thought so) and the editing.

After the weirdest brainstorming, the long awaited proposal arose. All our big Egos being part of the crew came up with nothing less than a real and proper feature film. No objections. The title: Horsefield. Let’s shoot, and that was it.

The whole summer was spent tryin’ to find the right spot on the road, absurd locations, ending in devastating day tours, surfing on the hot and winding road, yes Paris Texas, we were in our minds, crossing the Valley of the Death, filming every single inch of it.

Time went by, fast, so did our creative genius, end of summer soon approached! Time to say good bye. One ended up in Portugal, the other one out of all places in this earth, in Australia. Well some resumed work and others back to study, and maybe get a degree.

There was really not enough time to produce a movie, at least not a real one; you know the ones you go and pay, to see them!
Therefore we opted for a serial, a serious serial! All is up to the editing time but we will try to release an episode a month, each time with a different character.

Don’t worry though, we’ll keep you updated!

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