All year round, Hans Rey and Danny MacAskill are busy men. During special events like the current Eurobike trade fair, their schedule can be pretty stressful: Signing sessions, sponsor meetings, etc.

So taking some well deserved days to relax and to ride was exactly what freeride pioneer Hans Rey was thinking when he invited YouTube phenomenon Danny MacAskill for a trip to his second riding home in Northern Italy.

Hans Rey, living freeride legend has been coming to Livigno for years now and decided to invite Danny along for the trip. Danny didn’t need to think too long about his answer: “When I heard about Hans’ invitation, my answer was immediately yes! A trip with Hans is always a great honour for me, since he belongs to the absolute heroes of my youth. I was never in Livigno but heard a lot about it. I am sure Hans will show me some nice trails over there!”

After a long and exhausting season and busy trade fair schedules like at Eurobike, Rey and MacAskill allow themselves to escape for a few days rest, relaxation and freeriding in Livigno, also nicknamed “little Tibet”.

Danny’s and Hans’ long term friendship is based on the common need for bike adventures and enormous mutual respect: “I already rode with Danny and Steve Peat some years ago in the Scottish highlands and on the Isle of Skye, it was great fun for us. Danny is not only an extraordinary trial rider, but also an excellent freerider. As a response for his invitation at that time I wanted to show him my other home trails, here in Livigno. I think he will feel good on our tour”, Hans Rey explains his idea.

You could call it almost irresponsible not to document such a bike trip with these two living legends. So, we are going to tag along with them to disturb their peaceful escape to take some photos and make some short film edits. But as experienced pros, they are used to cameramen, and will for sure let us follow them around the vast amount of trails in and around Livigno – as long as we can keep up!

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