Style Sessions:

This year you can look forward to a new Saturday program.

The new format of Style Sessions delighted the crowd of 30.000 people.

In contrast to the contest on Sunday it’s only important to show your personal expression at this show.

So, the judges won’t decide about the skills of the athletes, the riders will judge themselves.

The rider, who were selected by his peers, took part at the Crossover Session from 18.00 to 19.00 pm.

Crossover Session:

Zurich was on fire, with the world’s leading freestyle sports athletes in Snowboard, Freeski, FMX and MTB Dirt Jump combining their powers!

More than 30.000 spectators witnessed a stunning simultaneous “Crossover Discipline Run”.

Freeskiers flying directly behind snowboarders down the Big Air and in for a landing as FMX riders catapulted over them against the backdrop of MTB riders – THE ultimate sports explosion! It doesn’t get better than that…


Four athletes each sport
Three athletes are set, one additional athlete qualified over the Style Session
Each athlete has four runs
Public decides over the crossover.champ

The spectators decided that FMX rider Mat Rebeaud (SUI) impressed them most.