Fred Mortagne, overall winner of the 2007 Red Bull Illume and finalist in the 2011 competition, has released a new book, Hand in Hand. The skate-themed photo book documents Mortagne’s 10-day trip in Israel, where he visits Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and the Dead Sea. On each double spread are two shots, a local scene and a skateboard-related image.

“I think shooting some abandoned shoes on the street gave me the idea to display a skateboard related picture next to an ambient local one. I had this idea and stuck to it. I was on a mission,” says Mortagne.

“I spent one night letting myself get lost in the crazy maze that is the old part of Jerusalem. I also put myself in a freaky mood listening to some ambient music in my iPod — the experience was so intense for me and produced some of my best street photography ever.”

Mortagne includes a link in the book so readers can listen to this instrumental song online whilst flipping through. It’s an original touch and transforms the photobook into a cinematic experience. Mortagne only shot analogue black & white photographs for the 96-page book, giving it a very raw and authentic feel.

Although rapidly running out, there are still some copies available on Fred’s website.