An independent singer-songwriter and producer, a debut album and your passion. Join this project to make the difference!

Maybe this is just a pre-release campaign, guys. But the real question is: “Do you think your passion for independent music can make the difference?” The answer is: “It definitely can!”. Actually, in this new music era your passion can really change the way we all look at music reality, both for artists and fans.

Now, back on Earth: I am Feexer, songwriter, musician and producer of independent rock music and I’m going to release my first full-length album after the amazing and totally unexpected reaction generated on social networks by Diamonds and Defects EP, issued on 28 July 2014 without any promotional budget and still able to receive an impressive feedback on both SoundCloud and Facebook. After that first release and after a long period totally and happily dedicated to my family and my newborn son, I decided to join forces with PledgeMusic, starting this amazing experience. Actually PledgeMusic is not the only ally that I chose for this new adventure: what makes PledgeMusic so special is its passionate community, so my dream is to see my debut album produced by single individuals like you with a huge passion for music and in particular for independent music.

Two pages of the album’s booklet will in fact be entirely dedicated to the Pledgers who are going to choose the “Executive Producer” and “Liner Notes” items. The artist working on the artwork will use your names to design a special part of it, so that you will have the thrilling possibility to be one of the Debut Album’s officially mentioned producers!

While contributing to this campaign you will be rewarded with personally signed copies of Diamonds and Defects EP, exclusive updates concerning the album production and with many other amazing perks (including a Deluxe Version of the Album with a Bonus Track exclusively dedicated to PledgeMusic fans), obtaining at the same time a guaranteed copy of Feexer’s debut album 10 days before its official release in July 2017!

Thank you, with my entire heart, for your help in making this happen.

– Feexer –
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