Definition of Extrem Bike: a cycle garage based in one of the hottest areas in Milan, around Via Padova, leaded by the smashing Alessandro Maffeo.

Why smashing? ‘Cause a 440 lbs. man rides a bmx with the same grace of a prima ballerina in The Dying Swan. And we are not talking about cycling the city, this is about street and pool free-style tricks.

He’ a really meticolous mechanic and works on any bike. Indeed, his garage has the classic old-styled taste, not so easy to find in the nowadays fixed gear movement.

To Extreme Bike you’ll find bmxs, fixed ( just for gays, he say…. but he’s jocking, of course! ) and so many bikes for immigrants living around and using them as their only mean of transport for being at work at 5,00 a.m.

The real bike culture, that’s it!

Photos by: Francesco Villa