Eurobike Media Days, a successful new platform by the organizers of Eurobike, has continued its rise in its second edition. From June 28 to 30, 2016, the town of Kirchberg in Tirol saw 24 sports-oriented complete bike manufacturers covering 27 brands meet with 210 selected representatives of specialist media outlets from 20 countries. Enjoying perfect biking conditions, they tested world debut products from many top manufacturers.

Brilliant blue skies, plenty of sunshine and the gorgeous backdrop of the Tyrolean Alps, along with excellent trails and test courses. “Conditions were again perfect at the second edition of Eurobike Media Days, giving international journalists a great opportunity to learn all about the new products for the 2017 model year, while extensively testing, photographing and filming them. The exhibitors are pleased about the many in-depth discussions they conducted, with twice as many journalists on hand compared to last year’s debut event,” says Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann about the successful platform, alongside Eurobike Head Stefan Reisinger. Reporters came from across Europe, as well as the USA, Japan and Australia, to gather in Kirchberg, a town in the Austrian state of Tyrol.


These manufacturers were all at Eurobike Media Days 2016:
Corratec – iko Sportartikel Handels GmbH, Ghost Bikes GmbH, Ridley Race Productions NV, Stevens Bikes, Rose Bikes GbmH, BMC Switzerland AG, Zentro Prorindis GmbH – Marin, Bergamont Fahrradvertrieb GmbH, KTM Fahrrad GmbH, Cycle Union GmbH – Kreidler, Vivax Drive GmbH & Co KG, Giant Deutschland, Cycling Sports Group – Cannondale & GT, Rotwild – ADP Engineering GmbH, Scott Sports, Merida & Centurion Germany GmbH, Bike Action – Rocky Mountain, BH Bikes Europe SL, Simplon Fahrrad GmbH, Bold Bikes, Pole Bikes.
Technical support: Shimano Europe BV, DT Swiss AG, FOX Factory GmbH.

Exhibitor feedback on Eurobike Media Days 2016:
Stefan Vollbach, Manager of Simplon Fahrrad GmbH:
“It’s great to be here at this compact gathering of the industry. This event offers a relaxed atmosphere facilitating numerous discussions. Here, we’ve met all the important media contacts and were able to present our brand well. The industry has adapted quickly to this early preview of new products. Although we couldn’t present every new model here in Kirchberg, those we did show got a fantastic response. The exchanges among ourselves have also been very positive. Overall a well-rounded event, and the weather took care of the rest.”


Thorsten Lewandowski, PR Manager at Merida/Centurion Germany GmbH:
“We were already impressed and even delighted by the first edition of this event in 2015, and could see that the few suggestions for improvement were already implemented for 2016.”

Jörn Gersbeck, Head of Marketing/Sales for Germany and Austria at Marin Bikes:
“For us, the first round of Eurobike Media Days was already good, and this year too, we appreciate the great high-quality conversations we’re having with journalists at our stand. Neither side feels pressed for time, so it’s possible to go into greater detail. The environment is also perfect, with a super location. The presence of international media makes this an important event for us, as a small but venerable brand, because it lets us present our products in advance and offer them for testing.”
Dirk Janz,:

“This year is our first time here, and we’re really glad we came. The atmosphere is very relaxed – for both us and the media people.”
David Heine, Marketing Manager at BMC Global:
“We’re happy about the fantastic weather and the many great conversations we’ve had with journalists from around the world. There was enough time here for more sophisticated in-depth discussions. The reporters were able to test our bikes thoroughly, and we successfully convinced them with our new products.”

Ludi Scholz, Brand Manager at Liv Germany/Giant Deutschland GmbH:
“Our stand received a lot of visitors, who inspected our many new bikes and found them to their liking. Everything’s going well here, it’s a great event. It’s a pleasure to show journalists our products, because they’re very interested in specs, details and innovations.”

Media feedback on Eurobike Media Days 2016:
Laurens van Rooijen, Cyclinfo Magazin, Switzerland:
“With its ideal lead time, this event offers the perfect conditions for me to get an overview of the major trends for the upcoming season. Some 30 manufacturers in one place for three days – this is a welcome convenience, especially for media outlets that don’t have such a big staff.”

David Atkinson, Road cc, UK:
“This is a really good event. It’s also great that there’s loads of new bike models available for testing here. The vicinity is perfect, both for MTBs and for racing bikes. This is simply a great location to go test a few bikes. The sun is shining and the hills are easy to climb. I’m really happy here.”

Grzegorz Radziwonowski, Magazyn Bike, Poland:
“For me, it’s a unique opportunity. Simply having the bikes right there, without lineups or needing to wait. That’s really fantastic.”


Daniel Milner, MBR Magazin, UK:
“A wonderful event, and I’m glad to have access to all the new bikes. Here you can test one after the other, letting you make direct comparisons. This gives you a good sense of the new products for the upcoming season. Having Eurobike Media Days in these surroundings really creates a relaxed atmosphere. Everything you need is here. I definitely want it to continue. Having even more brands and companies in the future would be brilliant.”

Organizer feedback on Eurobike Media Days 2016:
Stefan Reisinger, Head of OutDoor/Eurobike, Messe Friedrichshafen:
“The setup of Eurobike Media Days 2016 was super. Both in terms of manufacturer participation, with many new products, and in terms of media reps, with twice as many participants as last year’s debut edition. This absolutely paid off. The organizational efforts of our local partners, the Tirol Werbung Tourist Board and the Kitzbühel Alps Brixental Valley Tourism Office, gave us the perfect conditions.

Josef Margreiter, Manager at Tirol Werbung (Innsbruck):
“We’re very proud to have Eurobike Media Days here again as our guests. We want to bring together the bike industry and bike-related media here in our mountains, where new products are available to them not only for viewing, but also for hands-on testing. According to the response I’ve heard so far, this is a fantastic location with knowledgeable people and passionate bikers. Our mountains offer a huge area with MTB trails and downhill parks, along with routes for racing bikes. Our great hospitality is also a big plus. Everyone feels at home here, and that’s very important to us.”

Core concept behind Eurobike Media Days:
Past years have seen many sports-oriented bike suppliers trying to invite relevant journalists to come attend individual press events in the run-up to Eurobike. From April to July, media outlets generally receive up to 30 different invitations for new product presentations. Many affected journalists have said that this is no longer affordable. For the bike manufacturers too, these events mean high costs and put enormous demands on personnel.

Eurobike Media Days is designed to consolidate these many individual presentations, so that long before the actual Eurobike dates (August 31 to September 4, 2016), the bike industry’s new products and latest trends can be introduced to an exclusive gathering of international media representatives in a real-world biking environment.
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