Talk to me about the story of the band!
We started play since we were very young, friend since the school, try to found common generes. Metallica, Pantera and a kind of classical thrash metal have been our first influence. Few years later when Matteo join the band as guitar player, we started to reach new style of playng especially using heavier and faster riffs and solos. Camed everyone together in this kind of new dimension the composition of the first EP Globalized Anger and the first LP Punishment for the Infidels begin.

What did you do in the last six months?
In the last six month we spent the most of our time around the publishment of our first LP and on everything that concern it. At the same time we keep on composing new tracks and play few concerts.

Why have you chosen this name for your band?
Because this name represents the topics of our lyrics, society, politics, violence and institutional abuses.

How important is the look/appearance?
Look and appearance aren’t foundamental for us. Each member tries to keep his own personal style and way to think about it.

Tell us about the new LP “Punishment For The Infidels”. Are you fully satisfied with it?
We are very satisfied about it. It’s the end of a 2 years path of composing and live experiences in wich we made our personal style and put it all in a LP.

Which is the highest point of the LP?
It’s hard to find the highest point of “Punishment for the Infidels”, our aim is to keep always costant the level of intensity and violence during all the tracks.

How would you define your sound?
A wall of sound, aggressive, direct and with no frills.

Thrash metal. Describe for me these words!
For us thrash means to figure out our hate in the instrument.

Which bands have influenced your style?
Slayer and Sepultura for musical parts. Fear Factory for the lyrics.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Achive our purposes and been appreceated for our work.

Which song is in your head right now?
Matteo: The Burning of Sodom – Dark Angel
Francesco: Desperate Cry – Sepultura
Simone: Desciple – Slayer
Federico: All by Myself – Nicola Sedda (Celine Dione’s cover)

Name 3 words that describe your band.
Music, Perseverance and Borghetti.

Which are the best and the worst qualities of your band?
Our best quality is the friendship that beg us cause we growth together as musicians and as man. Then the our worst quality is that we take too much time to take decisions.

What is the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with Downfall?
The most embarassing situation was happen few years ago during the our first EP “Globalized Anger” release party. We had a great success selling a lot of copies, we spent all the money for buyng alcoholics.