New York’s Supreme aligns with English visual artists Jake Chapman and Dinos Chapman, known as the Chapman Brothers.

The sibling duo has been working closely together since 1991, as both were a part of the Young British Artists movement that included the likes of Damien Hirst, Chris Ofili and Tracey Emin among others. Known for their often abrasive and vulgar works, the Chapman Brothers have made a name for their controversial portfolio via projects that involved reappropriating water color paintings of Adolf Hitler’s, decapitated and mutilated bodies, as well as explicit themes that involved pornography, sex, religion, Nazism and more. In spite of — or perhaps partly attributed to — this against the grain penchant, the Chapman Brothers were nominated in 2003 for the prestigious Turner Prize and are both respected and revered as two of the most influential artists of our time.

Supreme will release a special collection of five custom, limited edition skate decks that feature the Chapman Brothers’ works. The collection will be made available via the New York, Los Angeles, London and online flagships beginning October 11 while Japan locations will see a release on October 13.