This is a new story, a story that talks about enjoying snow, creating new friendships and having a lot of fun.

We decided to make this short movie just share our winter season in a new ski resort on the other side of the ocean. We all met by shear luck in the chairlift line and shared a passion for the mountains, and our italian nationality has brought us together.


We have decided to split this movie in to 4 chapters: Whistler, Revelstoke, Snowpark and Fun.
You will not see crazy stunts or impossible tricks but we really hope you will enjoy it anyway.
Very special thanks to all the crew, to Pu and Delu who worked extensively during the editing, to Tipsy boy and Frank who supported us all season and to Behind Magazine who give us the space for our stories.

Chapter 1: Whistler, the ski resort.

The first snow fall occurred at the end of October, I guess and this brings a new vibe to the town as people start feeling the winter season is upon us.
We spent much of the beginning of the season skiing and riding Whistler because we live close to Creekside (easy access to Whistler mountain). However, Blackcomb offers more steep lines, more cliffs and a huge backcountry terrain.
I bought skins for hiking later in the season and I really enjoyed this time of the season as they allowed me to access places I couldn’t before. A guy who I work with showed me a few secret lines; I will never forget my first hike.


I was the only one with skins, Fabien was following me, hiking in the deep snow with snowboard boots. After 2 hours, maybe more, we finally arrived at the entrance of the Spearhead Glacier. I watched as Erik dropped a crazy steep line, rolling in a small avalanche to the bottom! I skied that same line alone, later in the season and trust me, I swore I had shit in my pants!
As the season continued, the resort got really busy on the weekends, our alternative was to build a kicker with a deep powder landing. So much fun!

The crew is:
Michele Delucis aka Delu: shooter and video maker;
Baffo Asso aka Mario: the best moustache in town;
Paolo aka Pu: most talented chef in Whistler;
Fabien aka the Goat : the youngest rider from Aosta Valley;
Emiliano aka Pinzi: skier and snowboarder for work, just snowboarder for fun;
Niccolò aka Nicco: he knows that he’s a skier;
Babbi Ba aka Babbi: queen of the last chapter;
Me aka Ricu: Rookiku.