Saturday, October 27 at 6PM, ℅ SHAME (Via Porro Lambertenghi 17, MILANO – IT) Ale Formenti will unveil BRLN, its new fanzine.
During the event you can buy the fanzine at a special price.

“The first time I came to Berlin was in 2000.
I was doing a tour with my band and we played at Wild at Heart, a venue in Kreuzberg. I don’t remember much of the night and not even of the city. I only remember that we had a good dinner in greek restaurant, that my friend broke a guitar string and that the place was almost empty, but this story has nothing to do with this book.

12 years later I was sitting in my room in ZombieTown, watching the paint on the wall dry, and I had a call from this girl: “Why don’t you come to visit me for one week?”. I came to Berlin… and I didn’t leave it yet. 2 weeks after my arrival it started to snow… in April.

Turkish food and cheap beers is what you could expect by coming, and you’re probably right, but the place was full of hipsters, hippies and sandals too. I didn’t know anyone here, so I put my attention on something more interesting than people: garbage, dead things and buildings that look like Rockets to Russia.

Anyway, here it’s a good place to live, especially if you came from ZombieTown: beer is good, food is cheap and if you take a good look you’ll even find some nazi historical artifacts.
Enjoy the ride.”

Alessandro Formenti.