Skipass 2007 .. BMX

Skipass 2007 BMX

Skipass 2007 .. skate

Skipass 2007 skate

Skipass 2007 .. Ski

Skipass 2007 ski

Skipass 2007 .. FMX

Skipass 2007 FMX

Skipass 2007 .. snowboard

Skipass 2007

Skipass 2007 .. stills

Skipass 2007

The Language Of The Anonymous

Pulitzer prized Norman Mailer passed away last week, May the Man Rest in Peace.

Girls Go Wild

Girls Go Wild

Papik Rossi interview

Papik Rossi is a well known name in the skateboarding scene, but kids don't know much more about him, his life, his family and his deep Trastevere roots.

Skipass 2007

Even for 2007 the Skipass show has come to an end. We were there to be your eyes. Unlike its absence in 2006, Burton was present and stronger than ever.

Stockholm Winter Jam

Stockholm Winter Jam

CMYK shoes

Shots From The Pit Showcase

After two years in the frontline among people, sweat, dust, amps, rock stars and their guitars Luca Benedet collect his shots in this photo exhibition.

Spy Rail Jam 2007

Varese Repubblica square, october 13. A massive feature is situated right in the middle of the central square of this nice northern Italy city.



Roma DH 2007

Rome has seven hills. And that's pretty much about it when it comes to relating this beautiful, eternal (but also excruciatingly chaotic) city to our much loved sport of downhill

Italian Renaissance

The project presented by Kalimera and Red Publishing promotes the theme of "communication and creativity related to culture and an economical development"

Visual Marriage

Last Sat. Bo 130 and Microbo brought they own style at the Amphisbaena Gallery in Modena, with their latest Visual Marriage installation / exhibition

Edo’s Concrete Session

Edo Gobbe Modena MTB

Freeride for dummies

I've just disturbed them spreading stones and mud with my wheels.



Who hit the Target?

A bmx best trick contest, its name: Hit the target.


Space Program

Yes you have heard it right, Gagosian Gallery is exhibiting Tom Sachs' funky space odyssey.

A wall and some Friends

Pila Freeride la famiglia

Two days With The Static Girls

Static Girls

Waiting for Waves

Os Gemeos, Assum Preto

Os Gemeos, pronouced "ose zhe'-mee-ose", are two artists from Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Dirt Magazine presents ‘SNAP’, an exhibition featuring work from the world’s greatest mountain bike photographers.

Get Down and Dirty

New York Behind Magazine

..another point of view

2 Alpes

Townhill 2007

Townhill 2007 Bergamo

Nissan Qashqai .. Milan

Nissan Qashqai 2007 Milan

Disposable, The book

Hey young skater! You wanna know the roots of the sport you live for? Sean Cliver did something for you…