Rock The Spot 2008

Take thousand screaming people crowd, take some of the most energic Italian rock band like Dufresne, Forty Winks and The New Story plus a guest from Abroad like Juliette Lewis

Matieu Crepel Invitational

Double World Snowboarding Champion in 2007, TTR World Champion in 2006 and FIS World Cup Winner in 2005, Mathieu Crépel’s list of achievements is unequalled in the world of International snowboarding.

Stefan for Nike 6.0

PROPS, The Best of 2007

Muriel Ph. Supa Dupa-Interview

For old skate dogs (let's say adult skate dogs) Muriel is a spotlight in the dark age of the nineties skate era.

Landing 2008

Rock the Spot

Rock the Spot

Nitro Snowboards is proud to announce the new Team riders

Jon Kooley, Bryan Fox and Austin Smith


Alix Gindre interview

This young frenchman knows how the business thing works! He's only 21, but he's aimed to get high and cover all the snowboarder heads with Landing wool!

Final Combat

Freeride Modena

Behind the Color

Oliver Mondino Year

Dakine Builders Pack

Summer of fit

About backflips

Devil’s Bridge

Freeride Modena

A horse in the garage

It's understood since such a space was created...the garage. The origin of this word is unknown ( for me, at least ): greek, latin, celtic? Science has not been able to prove yet why the more people fill it with stuff, the more there's space left to fill with other stuff.

Broken rib for lunch

Was I credible? Not really, I guess. I can’t hide you anything, huh?!?

Who was who? Who did what?

Ok, ok, I got it….Martino and Davide were tried to snowboard from Pila to Lake Tahoe


People Aosta

Air and Style .. Munich

Air and Style Munich

Isen Seven – UberMovie

I got this new film by German crew Isenseven almost a month ago: it's still in my dvd player. Isen seven films since ...well?

Adidas Slopestyle 2008 takes place in Saalbach Hin

The adidas Slopestyle 2008 will once again take place in Austria’s Saalbach Hinterglemm, however not in June like in previous years, but on the first weekend in August.

Join The Nike Acg Sweetspots Crew

So you’ve seen Henning shred bottomless powder in Canada, Sverre rip down untracked couloirs in Norway and Andreas stomp the unthinkable

New Lance404 portfolio online!

Our main behind engine technician, shooter, wisdom dispenser and metal head Lance put online his new portfolio site.

2 Day Jibbing

2 Day Jibbing

Gee Step down

Alvaro Marvels In Geneva

The men who could fly.

Do you know the legend about Icarus hardly building his own wings, attaching them to the back and trying to fly to the sun

Wind of change is getting closer.

Control + C is a 3-days festival located throughout the town, where bands, critics, artists, videomakers and writers will entertain you showing the different

Nothing But The Truth

All what I can say about Nothing But the truth is summarizable in one word: Huge! Once you push play on your DVD recorder you understand you're gonna seeing somethind beyond the skateboard video definition.

It seems the trails are covered with snow

On sunday, especially late in the autumn and winter season, people are supposed to get up very very late after nights of spreeds and liters of beers