Bang it! #3 is online now!

Bang it! Is a series of three clips filmed at Les Deux Alpes and featuring Alone Collective members Roberto Menacho, Jack Errichiello and Sisko.


Summer is almost over and the French glacier closed down till october, so here we are with our last issue of Bang It!, our diary from Les 2 Alpes.

We saved the last spot for our workhorse and baggy soldier Sisko.

He’s poppy, power and phat and nails everything comes in his crazy mind..and can’t get enough of snowboarding and filming…we’re stoked to have him in the collective.

See ya in some time, snow is comin’!

sisko 13

About Alone Collective
Alone Collective is a contradiction for definition. A Collective made of lonely individuals is quite a paradox, so we live on the edge of the absurd, making impossible things
It’s the urgency to spread a personal point of view in a world where individuality usually ends in alienation, where conformity is the rule.
Well if it’s like that, we’re are a counter culture, we go against trends and conveniences.
We push culture and boardsports and we instigate our lonely soldiers to scream their individuality and be proud of it.
Alone Collective is not a crew, it’s a group of people chosen for their personal perspective on their own thing, coming from all over the world.
Alone Collective has no flag or language.
Once the great Orson Wells said “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone.

Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

We are The Alone Collective.

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