Val di Sole, Commezzadura and its racetrack have given a very warm welcome to the final round of the UCI Downhill World Cup. Aaron Gwin from the US and Rachel Atherton from the UK take the final win. Seven Italian riders take part in the competition and among them Loris Revelli achieves his first World Cup podium in the Junior Category. Tomorrow the Cross-Country Finals will finally take place.

The Black Snake is one of the most beloved and respected tracks in the Series and the heat has made it even trickier. The racecourse was dusty and heavily rutted, really demanding after a number of runs.
A good 15.000 spectators celebrated the riders on the podium today, and above all of them, the Italian Loris Revelli, almost assaulted by supporters and teammates when he took the win: that much is the enthusiasm of the Italian public for this discipline.


After yesterday’s Quali Troy Brosnan (AUS) was leading. Unfortunately he made a mistake today and he had to hand over to teammate Aaron Gwin (USA).
Aaron Gwin secures himself the highest spot on the podium and for the third time becomes UCI World Cup Champion. Loic Bruni from France is second, Brosnan takes third in this round.


This round finally established the overall ranking, quite open until today. Gwin has 1329 points, Bruni 1059 and Brosnan 1013.


Rachel Atherton takes her sixth World Cup win in a row and for the fourth time she is UCI DH World Cup Champion. Myriam Nicole from France takes second, while Manon Carpenter (GBR) is third in the round. The overall ranking is therefore dominated by three British ladies: Rachel with 1660 points, Manon with 1079 and Tahnee Seagrave with 986.


Laurie Greenland (Trek World Racing) from the UK closes this round behind Loris Revelli and Jacob Dickson but he becomes Junior World Cup Champion with 320 points, Andrew Crimmins from Australia is second with 245 points and Jacob Dickson from Ireland third, 168 points.

The seven Italian riders that yesterday made it to the Finals have really aroused a lot of emotions in the public.

The biggest result has been that in the Junior Category, where Loris Revelli (AB Devinci Italy) from Sanremo has been the star thanks to an amazing run that secures him the first World Cup win. Many years have passed since the last time we saw an Italian rider on the podium of the Downhill World Cup. The support of thousands of spectators must have contributed to his first place here in Val di Sole. Loris takes a solid 5th place in the overall ranking, best result ever for him. Lorenzo Sorrentino from Como takes 26th.


In Elite Men Gianluca Vernassa AB Devinci Italy team, manages to take his first Top 30 and he is 27th, while teammates Francesco Colombo and Carlo Caire do a good job and are 43rd and 46th respectively.

Mix of emotions for the Italian ladies, as the Italian Champion Veronika Widmann (Korax Lapierre Dirty Team) makes a mistake, serious enough to miss an ‘as-close-as-certain’ Top 5 position and moves back to a still good eighth place.

Veronika is 21st in the overall ranking, while Eleonora Farina from Trento, Mangusta Bike Team, is 11th in this round and 14th overall. Alia Marcellini is out of the game due to yesterday’s wrist fracture during the Quali. She is nineteenth in the overall ranking.

The winners’ words

Aaron Gwin
“In the morning I realized that I could actually take it easy because the win was not far at all, even with a second place. But then I changed my mind and I had a flat-out run. If I race, I aim at winning. At half racecourse my hands were already painful. I began to make mistakes but it has not been too bad. I am sorry for Troy Brosnan, he is my teammate and he deserved to win”.

Rachel Atherton
“This is my fourth World Cup title and I am very happy. The track is spot-on. I know Pippo, the track builder, and I think he has done a great job. With one more jump into the finish area it would be perfect! This track is faster than in the previous editions, but not really easier. I had a good run and my day has been perfect!”

Veronika Widmann
“Too bad for that mistake! I slipped off the pedal when I lost my focus. I was so pumped; I thought I was riding fast. During the morning I had tried a few new lines that have been actually very useful. Towards the end of the run I was very tired: this is a very physical track. In any case I am pleased with my run”.

Loris Revelli
“It has been great, finally! I took a big risk at a certain point but I have been able to keep speed and focus until the end. The track was a mess, but I really enjoyed my run. A win here, in Italy, is the best. I’d like to dedicate this win to my friend Walter Belli! His number 7 has been the lucky one”.

Eleonora Farina
“Unfortunately this run didn’t really work out. I made a few mistakes on top of feeling very tired, especially in the legs. But it’s alright, Val di Sole is always such a magic race that I am just happy”

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