01 Describe for me the word “core music”? What is it? Music? Lifestyle? Why “core”?
First off, thank you for having me here guys, i really appreciate it. I don’t really think that our music can be defined as “core music”. Basically what we play comes from our hearts, so I don’t think I’m the right person to answer to this question because actually it’s a hard one and I don’t want somebody to be offended because of my words. If you take a look at the word “core” probably means something that comes from the inside, so I think it’s all about the attitude and the way to live and face the daily life.

02 Are you a difficult person to work with?
Yeah, i think so. I’m really selective and I don’t wanna be surrounded by lazy asses or negative people. I’m just trying to put people on my crew who are willing to work harder than me.

03 Have you ever made any enemies along the way?
Tons. Mostly because I’m living that kind of life they would like to live but they simply can’t, because of talent, constancy, efforts and dedication.

04 What’s the most hilarious thing you’ve witnessed during your time in the band?
The envious people talking shit about us day by day on the Internet (not considering the fact that if they lose time talking about somebody’s else life they are actually losing precious time to become better artists and then people), but every time I meet them face to face on the street they keep walking heads down. We are all tough on the Internet baby!

05 What’s the hardest part of the lifestyle you’ve chosen?
Don’t be sucked into this vortex of hatred and enviousness.


06 Is there a song you’re most proud of writing and why?
“Unto Death” is probably the highest point of the album.

07 What are your personal ambitions?
To become somebody who will be remembered because of his positivity, attitude and to be inspirational for all the kids out there.

08 And about the band?
To show to the people believing in us that we are worth the efforts and the time they dedicated us to give us a chance.

09 What albums would you take to a desert island?
Falling In Reverse “Just like you”.

10 What band would you like to see split up and which would you like to see re-form?
Split-up: Whales’ Empire. Re-form: The Beatles.

11 What do you take with you when you are in tour?
Patience and humility.

12 What does the band do to kill time when you’re on the road?
We sleep as much as we can, because it’s not easy at all being on the road for many days and every place is the right one to have some rest.

13 Do you collect something?
Yeah I do collect videogames, insults and threats!


14 What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?
To give happiness to my lovely wife and to work as much as i can for my band.

15 Talk to me about your new album “Ambition is the shit”. Are you fully satisfied man?
I can say we did our best in every aspect of the recordings. Thanks to this album we had the chance to sign with an amazing American label “Luxor Records” so yeah, I’m fully satisfied about the results.

16 The new album is probably a new step for Cry Excess, and probably for your haters. And the concept of the lyrics is about this type of persons. Why do you have worked in this direction? Which is the problem of italian alternative music scene for you?
There’s not actually a real music scene but a lot of bands challenging themselves, so they’re talking shit about bands doing something concrete and touring the world basically because they just can’t do the same. So this album goes out to all those people angry at us just because we’re doing something they would like to do but they can’t. We like to give importance to our haters because they are the reason why we’re doing this.

17 “Ambition is the shit”, what do you mean with this title?
That Ambition is everything, a person needs to succeed in life.

18 Favourite alcoholic drink?
I don’t drink alcohol.

19 Who would you most like to have a drink with?

20 Album you would like to be played at your funeral?
Heart of a Coward “Severance”


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