About Us

Behind is the silent observer looking for a different perspective, an harbour for riders who never stop browsing for what’s interesting. There’s Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, BMX and every form of gravity rejection. There’s Culture, Art and Design, there’s Behind.

Because photography and movies take you into the center of the action, being 1.000 miles away. Because tales make you feel the same sensations our reporters live. The same enthusiastic sensations squeezing us to look for more and more, to tell you more and more.

To make you part of the wonderful and genuine world behind the corner of conventional.

Passion is what moves us forward, originality is what we want to express and be.

“Going behind and beyond action sports, art and culture. That’s what we love doing”

Do you want to take part in developing our magazine? You’re welcome! Feel free to contact our staff for any further info.

Do you want to support the project?  Are you interested in media cooperations?
You’re more than welcome! info@behindmag.com

Behind Magazine is produced by Lance with the precious help of the whole crew.

Lance runs several other projects, he works in Sartoria Comunicazione, he is a freelance Photographer and Videomaker.

More about: www.lance404.com


Executive Editor / Photographer / Videographer


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Editor / Photographer / Videographer


Editor / Photographer

Crew, Family & Ambassadors

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