• Outsiders CA$H for Tricks 2012
    What a session! On September 29th, 2012 an absolute contest highlight went down at the watersports trade show INTERBOOT/Germany with the event "CA$H for Tricks 2012 "
  • Outsiders Gary Hunt wins Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series for the third time
    28-year old Briton Gary Hunt wins Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series for the third time!

  • NewsOutsiders Ritratti di Surf new episode
  • NewsOutsiders Dear Suburbia
    This is the official trailer for Kai Neville and What Youth's new full length feature film: Dear Suburbia. It was shot primarily on RED cameras all over the globe.

  • Outsiders Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 15
    Reality covers 5% of our lives. A man must dream to get saved." (W. B.)
  • Outsiders Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 14
    Last shelter, last climb. Com'on, you almost made it, a 30 minutes climb and then down to the valley, to Saint Rhémy, to the new finish lane.

  • Outsiders Arnette´s new goggles
    Progress runs through Arnette's blood. It all started in Orange County, California back in 1992, with the production of the first goggles.
  • Outsiders Skate fortwo - feat. Kilian Martin and Alfredo Urbon
    Developed exclusively for the fast-paced YouTube film, the pioneering tandem skateboard epitomises smart’s nature to go against the grain and take fun to a new level.

  • Outsiders Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 13
    I climb to Shelter Cuney with Marco, we met in Nus just before 4.00 pm. I hadn't been driving the Saint Barthélemy route from too long.
  • Outsiders Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 12
    For the first time in my life I walk the road to Lillianes. Left the asphalt, we go on along the trail up to the refuge. The soil is moist, it's not raining, we go with Sabina, an athlete from Como.

  • Outsiders Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 11
    Hône, Donnas and Pont Saint Martin are part of those places where, rarely although, you know you'll go back.
  • Outsiders Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 10
    I do not know if you ever had to walk in the mountains at night, with a light on the head and the darkness in front of you.

  • Outsiders Red Bull Stratos, Now we need to keep cool
    The second test jump was textbook, even if the days and nights leading up to it were exhausting and it seemed like an eternity before the capsule door opened at 29,610 metres and I could jump
  • Outsiders Action highlights video from Red Bull Cliff Diving in Wales
    Watch this video of all the awe inspiring action from the first ever UK stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

  • Outsiders Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 9
    "My mind is wide open and now I'm ready to start". The Arcade Fire sing. The same thought that might have crossed the mind of every athlete taking part to the third edition of Tor Des Geants.
  • Outsiders Travis Challenges You - FMX Tandem Blackflip
    Daredevil Travis Pastrana challenged you to a once in a lifetime chance and a few of you were brave enough to accept.
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